Personalized Dog Christmas Stockings
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Dog Christmas Stocking Fillers & Stuffers for 2016

If you are like Aimee and I, you love your pets and they are definitely not left out on Christmas morning. We always wonder if they know Christmas is coming up and are as excited as us waking up on Christmas morning As you probably know we sell Christmas stockings for pets here, and no matter if you bought a stocking from us or from another company or store, we wanted to list our favorite stocking fillers and stuffers for 2016. These are some fillers that we think you dog will love this year.

#5 - Dog Treats

This is always a good idea to add to a stocking. We don't have a specific brand, but because your pet will smell the dog treat in the stocking, this should make your dog even more excited to get into it. My wife and I visit a family owned pet store here in Naperville that has home made dog treats. We get them for our pets and our family's two dogs. They absolutely love them. This is why I always recommend including some treats as fillers in your dog stocking.

#4 - Aspen Pet Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy

We thought this toy was one of the cutest dog toys for 2016 that would be perfect for a Christmas stocking. Who doesn't love Hedgehogs? I mean have you not seen those cute videos on Youtube featuring Hedgehogs? If not, check this one out! But either way, this one has a ton of positive reviews making it perfect as a stocking stuffer. This filler is available at Pet Mountain, one of our favorite online sites for toys and other stuff for dogs. It is available in a few different sizes depending on the size of your pet.

Buy for $2.99 to $6.99

#3 - Dog Pajamas

A family tradition for us is that my parents buy everyone pajamas for Christmas morning. So why not do it for you pet too! This is why our #3 on the list is pajamas for dogs. Keep them warm Christmas morning with their own set of pj's. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes for any pet. You can find some pretty unique styles at Dr. Fosters Smith.

Buy from $7.99

#2 - KING AirDog SqueakAir

Dog Christmas Stocking Filler

This toy is awesome. It combines a tennis ball and a squeaker. How can it get better than that! This is one the of the highest rated toys on Chewy and our dogs love them. I am not sure what it is about it...the color...the size, but dogs go crazy for them and it makes an awesome dog filler for a Christmas stocking. Available in a few different sizes depending on the size of your dog or what size toys your dog enjoys playing with.

Only $1.09 at

#1 - Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Dog Toys

Yep...this our #1 stocking stuffer for 2016. We are sure this won't be the case next year...but 2016 this is the top selling and we think it's going to be a huge hit for Christmas. Now whether this is for you or a friend, you better know who they like candidate-wise! Or buy them both and see which one your pet loves to chew on the most. Fun for hours! Now you can't find these everywhere, but we did find them at The Bark Shop, which is a pretty cool new company on the net. So if you want the #1 dog toy this year than pick up your Trump or Hillary stocking stuffer today.

Buy for Only $16.00

Dog Christmas Stockings

That's it! I hope you like our list of the top stuffers and fillers for 2016. And if you haven't got your pet a new stocking yet, make sure to check out our collection of unique Christmas stockings for cats and dogs here!

DOg Christmas Stockings

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