Personalized Dog Christmas Stockings
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Christmas Stockings for Puppies 2017

Hi Everyone!

This is Jeff from Last year we were amazed by the amount of stockings we created for new puppies that were gifts for Christmas! Each day we had a customer contact us about this being a surprise for their family along with a new puppy. This was absolutely awesome! I love it, because growing up, three of the dogs I grew up with were actually surprises during Christmas. So I have a special place in my heart for these "First Christmas Puppies" lol.

Stockings Available

So no matter if you are giving a puppy as a surprise or have a puppy, we have all the perfect stockings for you and your family. You can choose anything from a "Woof" stocking to a personalized stocking with the name of your new pup! Either way you go, your new pup deserves a stocking of their own. If you have any questions about personalization or anything else about our stockings, please just let us know. We are here to help!

Send Us Your Puppy Pictures!

Do you have a new puppy? Is this your dog's first Christmas? Send us your pictures! We would love to display them on our website and on our social networks!

Thank you,

Aimee & Jeff

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