Personalized Dog Christmas Stockings
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Bone Shaped Dog Christmas Stockings for 2016!

Many customers have asked us about bone shaped dog Christmas stockings. Most of our stockings are personalized but not in the shape of bones, but we actually do offer some great looking stockings that have a bone toy that sits in a little pocket of the stocking itself. This is called our "Woof" stocking and it is actually very popular. This stocking is made from a heavy woven design and stretches quite well too. I personally have a couple of these for our dogs and cats, known as the "Meow" stocking. While they are not exactly bone shaped, we think you will like them even more!

It's The Quality that Counts

Our stockings are made of a higher quality material. This is the quality you see at Pottery Barn and other top brands. Our stocking is not bone shaped, but we think that your dog is going to enjoy our stocking with the attached bone toy much us...our pets love it!

These stockings will fit an almost unlimited amount of dog treats, dog toys and even dog bones perfect for Christmas for you pet.

If you like the way this stocking as much as we do, you can purchase it here for just $14.95.

If you have any questions about this stocking or any other stocking on our website, please contact us directly at

We look forward to helping you this Christmas!

Aimee & Jeff Moriarty

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