Personalized Dog Christmas Stockings
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Dog Bone Christmas Stockings are Being Ordered!

Hey Everyone!

Well it's been about a year since the last blog post, sorry we don't write that much! Just wanted to let everyone know we just got some awesome stockings in with some bone designs. This seems to be what people wanted from us last year, so we needed to make sure to get some in.

When you are shopping for your dog bone designs, be careful out there, because a lot of what we are seeing is cheap stuff from China. Not saying it is all bad, but a lot of what we are seeing is pretty bad. We even had to return some of the bone stockings back because they weren't up to our standards.

And while we may not have a huge selection of them, if you sew you can find some amazing dog bone sewing patterns online. Pretty cool stuff. I don't personally sew, but my wife is considering it, so it may be something we decide to do in 2019, but won't be able to do it on a mass scale for this Christmas...sorry!

If the dog bone designs go really well this Christmas season, we may bring in some dog bone Christmas wreathes, Christmas ornaments and even wreathes. It's amazing what we were able to find. But again, that won't be until 2019. 

So anyway, I just wanted to update everyone with what was going on this year. I know we still have about 4 months until Christmas (and we're excited), but we wanted to give you some info on what we are looking at for this Christmas.

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